Richard's Photo Gallery - Dunedin

View over city Location Admiral Bird's Lookout
Date 960229
Dunedin is promoted as the 'Edinburgh of the South' because the first settlers were from Scotland. It has a whiskey distillery, a statue of Robert Burns and, if you are unlucky, men to be seen in kilts. Yes, you may well shudder.

University Location Univ of Otago
Date 960229
In the early days Dunedin was a gold town but the University is now its principle raison d'être.

The Octagon Location The Octagon
Date 960229
If these guys wanted an intellectual challenge they could have tried to figure out the immigration paperwork going through Los Angeles - a far harder game.

Botanic Gardens Location Botanic Gardens
Date 960229
The 1863 Botanic Gardens have top notch rose beds.

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1996 April 8th.