Richard's Photo Gallery - Wellington

City lights shine on the harbour,
night has fallen down.


Botanic gardens exterior Location Botanic gardens
Date 960222

Wellington has been the capital city of NZ since 1865. It has long since outgrown the Lambton Harbour vicinity, spreading up the steep slopes behind.

Botanic gardens interior Date 960222

The Botanic Gardens have both native and 'exotic' (the NZ term for anything brought in) plants, such as the giant water lilly, Victoria amazonica.

The Beehive Date 960222

The new parliament buildings (1985) were designed by Sir Basil Spence and nicknamed 'The Beehive'. The statue is of Richard 'King Dick' Seddon (1845 -1906) who reformed the country as Prime Minister.

Wacko architechture Date 960222

On the other side of the street was this place. Contrast its architecture with what you see in Whitehall.

Wellington harbour at night Date 960222
Location Oriental Parade

Wellington gets well lit at night. I suppose with all that geothermal and hydro electricity they can afford it.

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