Richard's Photo Gallery - Taupo

Wairakei power station Location Wairakei
Date 960222
This geothermal power station produces about 155MW which, together with the output from a neighbouring field, gives about 7% of NZs consumption. The pipes running from the boreholes to the turbines are several km long.

Huka falls Date 960222
Cooling water comes from the Waikato River where the Huka Falls are found a short distance away.

Taupo lakeside Location Lake Taupo
Date 960222
Why bother with this photo? Because it illustrates the size of the 300m deep Lake Taupo which stretches most of the way to the mountain (Tongariro, 1968m) 50km off in the background. Taupo is actually the water filled caldera of a volcano which erupted in 186AD blowing 60 cubic kilometres of material into the air. By comparison, Mt.St.Helens ejected less than 1cu km.

Model A Ford Location Taihapo
Date 960222
The rumour I heard was that in mid March a rally was held in Christchurch attended by 1,500 vintage cars. Certainly, I saw enough of them throughout my trip. Where were they all from?

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1996 April 7th.