Richard's Photo Gallery - Auckland

Harbour Location Waitemata harbour
Date 960219
Most visitors to NZ arrive in its largest city. If their luck is out then they too will get here at the end of a month long drought. Apparently, though, it is often very humid.

The geography here is a complex set of harbours; a yachtie's paradise. I took a tour round Waitemata harbour on the Ted Ashby, the Maritime Museum's deck scow.

Urban Sprawl Location Mount Eden
Date 960220
Auckland has about 30% of the entire NZ population. Not a quarter of the urban sprawl is apparent in this view from Mt.Eden; one of dozens of extinct volcanoes scattered around the city. Almost all private residenses in NZ are detached and, outside of the major cities, they are single storey and often timber clad with metal roofs.

On the horizon towards the left is One Tree Hill, a former Maori fortress.

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1996 April 23rd.