Richard's Photo Gallery - Yarmouth

We slept at the house of a friend of Mr Clarke on our way, and got to this very fine town of Yarmouth yesterday about noon.

William Cobbett, Rural Rides, December 21st 1821

Thumbnail of the front at Yarmouth Location Marine Parade North, Yarmouth
Lens 50mm
Expose 1/1000 (+1 stop)
Date 1996 August 13th.

Those flags on the right would flutter in the icy gale blowing in off the North Sea - if they weren't so heavily rain sodden. It doesn't seem to put Joe Public off Yarmouth; with two piers and more fish and chip shops than you can shake a cod at.

Thumbnail of Nelson's monument Location Monument Road, Yarmouth
Lens 500mm
Expose 1/500
Date 1996 August 13th.

Why are these six lovelies playing quoits 35m up a stone column built in 1819? They are celebrating the career of Admiral Horatio Nelson, born at the other end of Norfolk in Burnham Thorpe. Now neglected and stranded in a very unlovely industrial estate, the irony is that the French maintain Napoleon Bonaparte's monuments in rather better nick.

Thumbnail of Apsley Road Location Apsley Road, Yarmouth
Lens 28mm
Expose 1/1000
Date 1996 August 13th.

Rate this photo in terms of 1) Foreground interest 2) Composition (the no-parking sign right in the middle) and 3) Sky detail - and you may wonder why I bothered.

Thumbnail of Burgh Castle Location Breydon Water, Yarmouth
Lens 50mm
Expose 1/60
Date 1996 August 12th.

At the end of the River Waveney is Burgh Castle, one of the ' Saxon Shore Forts'. Only the west wall has totally escaped being washed away and remains well preserved. St.Fursey built a monastery here about AD 630.
Nice view over the marshes and Breydon Nature Reserve.

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