Richard's Photo Gallery - Covent Garden

We like to drive in convoys,
we're most gregarious,
in a big six wheeler, scarlet painted,
London Transport, diesel engined,
ninety seven horsepower omnibus.

Michael Flanders.

 St. Pauls end of the market Location Covent Garden, London, OS Ref TQ304810
Date 2000 September 5th.
Lens Zuiko 50mm @F5.6
Expose 1/500

The name Covent Garden is a contraction of the 'convent garden' which, until the dissolution, supplied food for Westminster Abbey. The composition of this pic is squiffy because it records more road in London without a vehicle than you'll see anywhere.

 LT Museum Location Covent Garden, London.
Date 2000 September 5th.
Lens Zuiko 50mm @F4
Expose 1/250

Talking of vehicles, you will find here the LT museum with plenty of 'em. I like learning about the minutiae - the design of tram tracks and so on, which is doubtless very sad.

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