Richard's Photo Gallery - Tunbridge Wells

'That is the killibeate, Mr. Weller,' observed Mr. John Smauker, contemptuously.

- Dickens, Pickwick Papers

Location The Chalybeate Spring
Date 1996 April 9th.
Camera Canon Sure Shot
Tunbridge Wells started in 1606 when this spring was 'discovered'. It was claimed that its high iron content waters were health giving. I suppose that drinking it was probably healthier than going to the doctor then.

Location The Pantiles
Date 1996 April 9th.
The main attraction is the parade of colonnaded shops called the 'Pantiles'. The name derives from the method of manufacture of the original paving slabs. Photographed almost to bits.

Location Nevill Street
Date 1996 April 9th.
I thought that S.East England was supposed to be on Cromwell's side. This 1676 church has a fine plasterwork ceiling. It was closed for repairs on the day; leaving me feeling disgusted in Tunbridge Wells.

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