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Chariot jams on the A2?

Thumbnail of River Stour Location The Quay, bank of R.Stour, Sandwich
Date 1996 June 5th.
Camera Sure Shot Max

Now an oversize clubhouse for Royal St.George's and other golf courses, Sandwich was a busy east coast port until the last century.

Thumbnail of Richborough 
castle Location Richborough Castle, 2km north of Sandwich
Date 1996 June 5th.

In AD 43 Rutupiae, as the Romans called it, was on the shore line rather than the 3km inland it is today. It was selected as a bridgehead for the invasion and remained in use as a port until superseded by Dover. The walls visible today were built as part of the Saxon Shore forts.

Thumbnail of Watling 
Street Location Richborough Castle Nr. Sandwich
Camera Sure Shot Max
Date 1996 June 5th.

In the first century this road, an extension of Watling Street, was the busiest in Britain; taking invasion troops and supplies west to Canterbury and beyond.

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