Richard's Photo Gallery - Reculver

Even today, the North Sea eyes the British coastline and thinks, Hmm, I'll have some of that.

Charlie Connelly, Attention All Shipping

Thumbnail of Reculver church Location Reculver (AKA Regulbium), Kent, OS Ref TR227694
Lens Olympus 50mm F1.8 +pl filt.
Expose 1/1000
Date 1996 June 5th.

Around the middle of the 3rd. century the Romans constructed here one of the Saxon Shore forts; a few fragments of whose walls are still visible. The sea, which is cutting into the coastline here, has washed away the northern end of the fort.

In AD669 King Egbert gave the site for the building of a monastery. The twin towers (visible for miles around) date from the end of the 12th. cent.

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