Richard's Photo Gallery - Lympne

Small town overlooking the eastern end of Romney Marsh, with fortifications spanning 1500 years.

Thumbnail of Lympne Castle Location Lympne, Kent, OS Ref TR116341
Lens Centon 500mm f8
Expose 1/1000
Date 1997 September 23rd.

Although Lympne Castle is largely modern, parts date back to the Norman period. Much earlier is Stutfall Castle; a fragment of whose flint built walls you see (out of focus) on the right. Stutfall was one of the Saxon Shore Forts, but when the cliff-top on which it was built slumped downwards it become badly broken up.

Thumbnail of Royal 
Military Canal Location Lympne, Kent, OS Ref TR125342
Lens Olympus 50mm F1.8 @F8 +pl filt
Expose 1/125
Date 1997 September 23rd.

Built in the years up to 1809, The Royal Military Canal runs from Fairlight to Hythe and was designed to keep Napoleon at bay. A defence sufficiently formidable to deter any invader, yes?

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