Richard's Photo Gallery - Selborne

'Dinner-time?' said Gilbert White,
'Yes, yes - certainly - all right.
Just let me finish this note
about the Lesser White-bellied Stoat'

E.C.Bentley (1875-1956)

Thumbnail of The Wakes Location Selborne, Hampshire, GU34 3JH
Lens 50mm f1.8 @ f11, +pl filt.
Expose 1/500
Date 1996 September 25th.

The Wakes Museum was originally the home of the pioneering naturalist the Rev. Gilbert White (1720-1793). His book, The Natural History & Antiquities of Selborne is still influential.

Thumbnail of The Queen's 
PH Location Selborne, Hampshire
Lens 50mm f1.8, +pl filt.
Expose 1/250
Date 1996 September 25th.

Another type of influence may be purchased across the road.

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