Richard's Photo Gallery - Portsmouth

Thumbnail of HMS Warrior Location Historic docks, Portsmouth harbour. OS ref. SU 628 006
Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8
Expose 1/1000
Date 1996 September 23rd.
The restoration project HMS Warrior, moored at the Historic Dock. One of the first (1860) naval vessels to be steam powered.

Thumbnail of semaphore 
station Location Historic docks, Portsmouth
Lens 50mm F1.8 @ f8, +pl filt.
Expose 1/500
Date 1996 September 24th.
First built around 1824 this tower was the final link in the chain of semaphore stations linking Whitehall with Portsmouth.

HMS Victory prow Location Historic docks, Portsmouth
Lens 50mm F1.8 @ f22, +2Xtc, +pl filt.
Expose 1/15
Date 1996 September 24th.
In 1805 Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson used HMS Victory as his flagship to defeat a combined fleet of Spanish and French ships off Cape Trafalgar. The guided tour does not disguise what a grisly time was had by all.

Mary Rose Location Historic docks, Portsmouth
Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8 @ f2.8
Expose 1/4
Date 1996 September 24th.
Built for Henry 8th. in 1509 the Mary Rose sank in 1545 with the loss of 700 lives. The starboard side lay preserved by the mud in the Solent until 1982 when it was brought back to Portsmouth.

The definition is poor in this shot due to the continuous spray of preservative solution.

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