Richard's Photo Gallery - Bradwell

"Apart from building materials, what have the Romans ever done for us?"

Inside St.Peters chapel Location St. Peter's chapel, Bradwell, Essex. OS Ref.TM 031 082
Lens Miranda 28mm
Expose 1/60
Date 1996 August 14th.
Saint Peter's chapel was built around the year 659 by St.Cedd (d.664) - a missionary employed by the Celtic church. It was constructed on the site of, and using material from, the 'Saxon Shore Fort' of Othona. You will find it a challenge to locate the short section of wall visible today.
Perhaps in no other English church of its age has so much of the original fabric been preserved. The roof, though, is from 1947.
The adjacent Othona Community makes use of the chapel.

Lkng W. twrds power 
station Location Sales Point, Bradwell, Essex. OS Ref.TM 007 092
Lens Centon 500mm
Expose 1/500
Date 1996 August 14th.
The nuclear power station is a huge affair, now somewhat past its prime. Built around the same time as me, come to think of it.

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