Richard's Photo Gallery - Pilsdon Pen

... he fought thirty battles, crushed two warlike tribes, and captured twenty fortresses ...

Suetonius (of general Vespasian).

Pilsdon Pen Location Pilsdon Pen, Dorset, OS Ref. ST413011
Date 2002 March 26th.
Camera Olympus OM2-SP
Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8 +pl filt.
Exposure 1/500 @ F8
Film Kodak Gold 400 ISO

Among those forts would have been Pilsdon Pen: one of the many strongholds of the Durotriges tribe based in Dorset when the Romans arrived in AD43. Archaeology here has the smoking ballista bolt to prove it.

At 277 metres ASL it is the highest point in Dorset, and the view is said to go right to the coast, which is less clear in this pic than Vespasian's prospects of promotion.

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Last modified: 2002 June 8th.