Richard's Photo Gallery - Beaminster

When shall the stars be blown about the sky,
Like the sparks blown out of a smithy, and die?

W. B. Yeats - The Secret Rose.

The Robinson memorial Location Beaminster, Dorset, OS Ref ST480013
Date 2002 March 27th.
Camera Canon SureShot Max
Film Kodak Gold 400 ISO

Most of the buildings you see here around the Square date from shortly after 1781 when a fire, allegedly started in a tinsmith's behind the Pickwick Inn, took out the centre of Beaminster.

The memorial was built in 1906 by Vincent Robinson from nearby Parnham House.

Roman temple at Maiden Castle Location Beaminster, Dorset, OS Ref ST481012
Date 2002 March 30th.
Camera Olympus OM2-SP
Lens Zuiko 50mm F1.8
Exposure 1/1000 @F2.8
Film Kodak Gold 400 ISO

The pleasant hotel survived, parts of which go back to the medieval period. Its tariffs are more modern, though.

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Last modified: 2002 August 29th.