Richard's Photo Gallery - Hunter's Inn

There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.

John Ciardi, The Saturday Review, 1966

The public house Location The Hunter's Inn public house, OS Ref SS655482
Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8 @F8
Film Kodak Gold 200
Expose 1/250
Date 1998 July 8th.

A hamlet in North Devon encompassed by National Trust woodland. The Inn lies at the bottom of the valley of the River Heddon within the Exmoor region.

Wild flowers Location Heddon's Mouth, OS Ref SS655496
Lens Miranda 28mm F2.8 @F22
Expose 1/250
Date 1998 July 14th.

Starting here is a popular walk out to Heddon's Mouth, lined with a profusion of wild flowers. The structure perched above the shore is an old lime kiln.

On a warm day you may experience some thirst on your return. My pockets are not deep enough for this to be remedied at the Inn; but those who know me will confirm that sudden attacks of penury are liable to strike in these situations.

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