Richard's Photo Gallery - Killhope

In a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine ...

- Percy Montrose

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below ground Location Killhope, County Durham, OS Ref NY826430
Camera Canon Sure Shot Max
Date 1997 September 9th.
After a 30 minute trek through cold dark passages largely flooded up to 20cm deep and too low to stand up fully you are greeted with this cheery sight.

Killhope was aptly named and, of course, digging it all in the first place was very grim.

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ore sample Location Redhill, Surrey, OS Ref TQ289521
Expose 1/15
Date 1998 August 31st.
This is what they were after: galena ore. This bit is about 15mm across and was taken with my macro rig back home. It's mostly white quartz with some yellow iron pyrites, and the grey lead sulphide in cubic crystaline form. After the ore was crushed the galena was separated by gravity in settling tanks.

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