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The houses of Metroland never got as far as Verney Junction.   Grass triumphs and, I must say, I'm rather glad.

Sir John Betjeman, Metro-land, BBC Television, 1973

Looking north along trackbed of a now dismantled section of the 
Metropolitan Line Location Shipton Lee, Buckinghamshire, OS Ref. SP731210
Date 2007 May 9th.
Camera Casio EX-Z1000

Though it remains as triumphant today as in 1972 when the Poet Laureate came here to praise it, this grass is actually 5 miles and two stations nearer to Baker Street than Verney Junction. Thanks to Roger Marks for solving my puzzle of 34 years.

Right, have I ruined for you what JB made into a poignant and poetic moment? No? Then I must tell you about the K Class 2-6-4T engines ...

Oh, by the way, the 'bleating sheep' audio cliché that accompanies the end credits was not dubbed on in later editing but recorded synchronously with the video. The woolly ruminants really do graze upon Sir John's pride and joy; although their ownership by Mrs. Ada Doom is as yet unconfirmed. This place may once have been visited by the London Underground but it's about as far into the sticks as anywhere in the Home Counties can be ... apart from Verney Junction, of course. Even the poets of Metroland never reached that far.

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