Richard's Photo Gallery - Bristol

Green upon the flooded Avon shone the after-storm-wet sky
Quick the struggling withy branches let the leaves of autumn fly
And a star shone over Bristol, wonderfully far and high.

John Betjeman, Bristol

Camera Obscura

An old snuff mill in Bristol Credit R.G.S.Clarke
Location Clifton, just above the suspension bridge.
Date1993 September 13th.

The snuff mill which originally stood on this site was destroyed by fire in 1777 when a gale turned the sails so fast that the bearings overheated. It was rebuilt as an 'observatory' in 1829 (from 'The Camera Obscura' by J.H.Hammond, pub A.Hilger Ltd. ISBN 0-85274-451-X). From here you have a perfect view of Brunel's suspension bridge across the River Avon, whilst underneath is The Giant's Cave.

SS Great Britain

The Steam Ship Great Britain in Bristol Credit R.G.S.Clarke
Location The Harbour, near Gas Ferry Road.
Date1993 September 13th.

Launched in Bristol in 1843 the SS Gt. Britain was designed by I.K.Brunel and was the first ship of its size to incorporate both an iron hull and screw propulsion. In 1886 she was abandonned in the Falkland Islands and not returned to this country until 1970. The adjacent museum tells the full story.

There is far more in Bristol than I could detail. Go check it out.

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