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Richard Clarke (AKA 'SB') is a Research Officer in the School of Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics of the University of Surrey. Richard has been a member of the Technical Services Unit (TSU, the so-called "Workshop") since 1977. His responsibilities include management of the printed circuit board fabrication facility, responding to "Why isn't this circuit working?" type queries and advising on equipment selection and modification.

Troubleshooting and repair are also a major activity. He lives in dread of the phone call saying that "the (second user) Mk.1 Flake-Tek Gimmelhauser Effect Analyser is up the creek and, no, we don't have a manual for it".

The teaching laboratories and research groups employ him to produce instruments tailored for specific tasks, several of which include embeded microcontrollers. He uses software in a variety of languages including C++, and perl for a variety of target systems including the Apple Macintosh. He is the Fire Warden for block AB Level 21.

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Richard was born in Balham, south London in 1956. He graduated in 1977 from Queen Mary College with a BSc in Electronic Engineering. He lives near Redhill in Surrey.

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Richard Clarke has held a Radio Amateur licence since 1979, using the callsign G8UNO, and can occasionaly be heard on the Guildford UHF Repeater GB3GF. He is a member of the Repeater Group and of the Radio Society of Great Britain as well as a supporter of the Woodland Trust.

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Being a spare time effort this page will probably not get frequent updates after the launch in January 1996. I shall be pleased to receive bug fixes & suggestions for improvement if you have any.

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