Current Projects
  Learning to Recognise Dynamic Visual Content from Broadcast Footage
  Lip Reading
Past Projects
Making Sense Project (Multi-Touchless Interfaces and Video Mining)
DictaSign DictaSign
Sign Language to Sign Language Translation
LILiR.jpg (3659 bytes) LILiR
Language Independent Lip Reading
Dynamic Interactive Perception-action LEarning in Cognitive Systems
Click here for the RC car demonstrator
urus.jpg (2891 bytes) URUS
Ubiquitous Networking Robotics In Urban Settings
cospal_title40.png (8403 bytes) COSPAL
COgnitive Systems using Perception-Action Learning
CogViSys CogViSys
Cognitive Vision Systems
face.gif (1955 bytes) Jeremiah
An interactive virtual head which uses a real time vision system to watch and react to people and actions
bsl.gif (1624 bytes) Sign Language Interpretation
Building computer vision/graphics systems to recognize and interpret Sign Language
Stuff Ive Built!!
Autonomous Vehicles
Home Made MultiTouch Table
Godalming Round Table Bar

Research Group

Prof R Bowden

Dr Nico Pugeault

Research Staff:
Dr Eng Jon Ong

Dr Andrew Gilbert
Dr Simon Hadfield

Brian Holt
Phil Krejov
Matt Marter
James Elder
Oscar Mendez Maldonado

Past members

Dr Helen Cooper
Dr Pakorn KawTraKulPong

Martin Lewin
Dr Tony Micilotta
Dr Nick Dowson - (Here is a local copy of Nicks old webpages, especially useful if your looking for Warthog)
Dr Liam Ellis

Dr Stephen Moore

Dr Dumebi Okwechime
Dr Olusegun Oshin

Dr Tim Sheerman-Chase

Dr Ashish Gupta

Richard Bowden
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