Conference Committee

Virtual Acoustic Technology, Peter Rutherford, University of Strathclyde. (postscript gzipped version 155k)

Utilising Human Audio Visual Response for Lip Synchronisation in VE, Liam Parker, University of Edinburgh. (postscript gzipped version 192k)

Direct View Holographic Autostereoscopic Displays, David Trayner, Edwina Orr, Reality Vision Ltd. (postscript gzipped version 187k)

The Future of VRML on large Urban Models, Vassilis Bourdakis, University of Bath. (postscript gzipped version 44k)

Building Virtual Worlds, Rob Ingram, University of Nottingham. (postscript gzipped version 45k)

Designing Space in VE's for Aiding Wayfinding Behaviour, Dimitrios Charitos, University of Strathclyde. (postscript gzipped version 279k)

Constructing and Managing of Complex VR Worlds for Manufacturing Applications, Zhengxu Zhao, University of Derby. (postscript gzipped version 283k)

Group Management and Quality of Service Adaptation in Distributed Virtual Environments, Nat Pryce, Imperial College. (postscript gzipped version 108k)

Mobile Hybrid Virtual Reality and Telepresence for Planning and Monitoring of Engineering Projects, A Retik, N Clark, R Fryer, R Heiman, D MacGregor, G Mair, N Retik, K Revie, University of Strathclyde. (postscript gzipped version 985k)

Distance Estimation in Non-Imersive, Phil Turner, Northumbria. (postscript gzipped version 76k)

Interactive Visualisation of Musical Form Using VRML, Alan Graves, Chris Hand, Andrew Hugill, De Montfort University. (postscript gzipped version 123k)

Distributed Training System for Endovascular Procedures, Nuka H. El-Khalili, Ken W Brodlie, University of Leeds. (postscript gzipped version 163k)

Intelligent Visualisation as an Interface for Case Based Reasoning, Leonard Oliveira, Ian Watson, Arkadi Retik, Salford. (postscript gzipped version 259k)

Towards a Unified Physical Model for Virtual Environments, Peter Chapman, Derek PM Wills, University of Hull. (postscript gzipped version 155k)

Design Issues for a 3D Interface to Technosphere, Gordon Selley, A Huxor, R Hawkes, London College of Printing and Distributive Trades. (postscript gzipped version 605k)

Human factors Related to VR Surgical Simulator: The Sheffield Knee Arthroscopy Trainer, A D McArthy, RJ Hollands, University of Sheffield. (postscript gzipped version 489k)

Video Worlds for Shoulder Arthroscopy, Simon Grange, Tim Bunker, Jason Cooper, Virtual Surgery Ltd. (postscript gzipped version 475k)

Methodology for Distributed Usability Evaluation in Collaborative Virtual Environments, Jolanda Tromp, University of Nottingham. (postscript gzipped version 52k)

Alternative Archaeological Representations within Virtual Worlds, Jonathan C Roberts, Nick Ryan, University of Kent. (postscript gzipped version 228k)