Godalming Round Table Trailer Bar

After the Godalming town show in 2012, there was a proposal to reinvest in upgrading our beer tent. In a moment of stupidity, I suggested a trailer bar: a trailer that would unfold into a working pub. The guys were skeptical but prepared to agree a budget based on a 3D model of what it "might" look like. This was largely an exercise in my learning how to weld to tackle a larger fabrication project I have yet to start. The trailer started life as an old camping trailer off ebay and over the month of May 2013, with the support of a very understanding wife, work started........

I don't know how many hours went into it, but it was ready for the town show in June 2013, just....


Setup at the town show June 2013

The original conceptual model. All sections fold into the host trailer.
It started life as a camping trailer off ebay. Some metalwork from an old table, some angle iron, a bit of welding and the main frame was complete.
The ingenious offset hinge that allows the work tops to fold stacked into the trailer. Note more angle grinding than welding, I was learning on the job.



Once all the metal work had been welded, a quick coat of paint hides the dodgy welds nicely.

First of the many worktops being glued. The main top was 18mm exterior ply with CLS studwork used for the trim. This was routed out to take the ply.
After wood filling the joints and sanding for days, three coats of exterior dark oak stain and two coats of marine varnish the worktops were finished. Half newel posts (ebay again) made the uprights to support the bar top.
The day of the town show. Its hard to believe it all fits in but it does. Kindly delivered "carefully" by Keith.
Assembled and ready for the beer engines to be attached.
A happy pub landlord samples the first pint and basks in the glory of the bar.
Lock in after the town show. We slept with the bar so it could be used the next day at the bandstand. Note the pipe work and engines, eBay again :-)

Three wise monkeys
See no evil, speak to evil, hear no evil. Just sell beer.