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Warthog.tgz: This is a collections of 3 matlab modules for: extracting a region from an image, measuring of similarity between a template and a reference image at various positions, and optimising the similarity function from various initial positions. The modules are fast and support many options, including:

  • 6 similarity functions (Sum of Square Differences, Normalised Correlation, standard MI, Post-Parzen MI, In-Parzen MI, and Partial Volume Estimated MI)
  • 4 warp functions (Translation, Rotation, Similarity and Affine)
  • 5 optimisation methods (Simplex, Powell's Direction Set Method, Conjugate Gradients Method, Variable Metric Method and Levenberg-Marquardt). Analytic derivatives are used in the latter 3 algorithms giving much faster performance.
Demos and comprehensive help are included. Currently only 32 bit linux machines are supported, but I hope to add windows and 64 bit versions soon.

trk.m: Matlab M file implementing some simple tracking algorithms with the following update types: None, Naive, Strategic, ZIP Naive, ZIP Strategic. ZIP stands for Zero Interpolation Principle, i.e. only non-interpolated templates are used. This uses the warthog module.

smatN.m: Matlab M file implementing the N-tier Simultaneous and Modelling and Tracking method. This uses the warthog module. This Matlab file supports the following shape models None, Thin (implicitly modelled shape), and Thick (explicitly modelled shape), as well as ZIP. I'm currently updating this and the above file, but it is in a working condition. The parameter syntax for multiple tiers is somewhat arcane so email me if you have difficulties and I'll update the help text asap. This implements the work detailed in the publications part of the site.

warthogTst.tgz: Unified test framework using multithreading for my latest 3 publications and Chapter 3-5 in my PhD thesis. Not all of the source code is contained here - just enough to compile everything, for a number of reasons. The remaining source should be placed here soon though. I'm also hoping to port this to windows. If anyone needs a windows port urgently feel free to drop me an email.

XviD Codec: This is the windows codec needed to play the supplementary AVI sequences on this site. For linux users, a standard installation of totem or mplayer should play the AVI's without difficulty.