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About Me

After that I worked as a consultant / researcher on the Closed Loop Automated Manufacture (CLAM) Project for two years. This involved with specifying and procuring the equipment for a prototype process to physically remove the error form machine tools. This involved obtaining a 3D scan of the object, aligning it with an idealised model, extracting an error volume and removing the error with a Laser Ablator. Some promising results were obtained by the end of the project.

Throughout my MSc I was involved in various short-term engineering projects. These included:

  • Designing and implementing a 2 way modem system for a mine, which used its own supply lines for transmission for Strike Technology.
  • Designing and implementing hardware for interfacing sensors to a handspring Visor at DeBeers in their Technology Division.
  • Designing and implementing a budget system at Nedcor Bank.

Some of this work was undertaken while a director of a small engineering consultancy called Entelect Solutions, specialising in short turnkey projects and placements.