Test Automation

I have been involved in a number of test automation projects over the years. Successful deployment of test automation is not so much a matter of getting the technology right. It is more a matter of learning how to use the tools effectively. Whilst I was at Philips Research Labs, I worked closely with TestQuest to configure their tool to work successfully in testing embedded software in the TV products developed by Philips in Singapore.

There are also key research challenges in the automated generation of test cases. Whilst working at Philips Research Laboratories Graham Thomason was also registered with UniS for a PhD (supervised by David Pitt and myself, and with Tim Trew as industrial supervisor). His thesis describes the theory behind, and development of, a software test oracle, StateCruncher. StateCruncher is a statechart simulator that extends Harel/UML statecharts with nondeterminism. Fork, race and parallel transit nondeterminism are handled. The thesis describes the syntax, semantics and practical application of StateCruncher models to act as an oracle to automated software tests, including those where external events need to be interleaved with internal ones. The project was taken through from concept to deployment, testing industrial embedded software, in the Philips Electronics organization.
A pdf zip achive of the thesis can be downloaded here
Pdfs of the six appendices can be downloaded as a zip archive here