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This year's exam

There is a class test after Christmas at the end of the first semester. The exam takes place in the Summer at the end of semester 2.

Past papers

Past papers for this module are available from the year 2008/09 onwards, and can be found via University Library > Online Library > Exam Papers.

Relevant exam papers prior to this are first-year papers for electronic engineering science (EE1.ees) that covered some mechanics and electric field topics. Also, there is a related first-year Tonmeister module called Acoustics (from the Music & Sound Recording department, FAHS), for which you can find past papers both in the library and online (online library | exam papers):

Engineering science   Aut 06, Aut 05, Aut 04, Aut 02 (as EE1.esf)
Acoustics   Spr 08, Spr 07, Spr 06, Spr 05, Spr 04, etc.

In my view, the most relevant material is: EE1.ees Aut 05 Section A; MU1.acu, Spr 08 Q.1; Spr 07 Q.1+3; Spr 06 Q.3+4; Spr 05 Q.1; Spr 04 Q.1+3. Other questions are also useful but some parts of them fall outside the examinable syllabus (i.e., they won't harm your chances and will broaden your understanding).

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