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Philip Jackson Philip Jackson 1,2,3 created the PSHF algorithm and led the development of its current implementation in C.


David Moreno David Moreno 4 made a major contribution to the implementation, and integration into ASR experiments.

Research supervisor

Christine Shadle Christine Shadle 1 advised on the early development of the PSHF algorithm during the Nephthys project.


Javier Hernando Javier Hernando 4 helped establish Philip's research visit and the student exchange for David, and advised on the Columbo project.


Martin Russell Martin Russell 2 facilitated the research visit and student exchange, concurrently with the Balthasar project.

Affiliations at the time of contribution

1. University of Southampton University of Southampton (UK)
2. University of Birmingham University of Birmingham (UK)
3. University of Surrey University of Surrey (UK)
4. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona)

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