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Annotation notes for the MOCHA-TIMIT database, v 1.2

This provides a companion to the MOCHA-TIMIT database, including corrected label files and notes:

V Singampalli, PJB Jackson (2009). "Annotation notes for the MOCHA-TIMIT database (v 1.2)". Online, version 1.0.
http://personal.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/P.Jackson/Dansa/Mocha/ ]


SegRec: Segmental HMM recognition software

SegRec is software for training and decoding a multi-layer segmental HMM recognizer:

PJB Jackson, Y Shiga, V Singampalli, MJ Russell (2008). "SegRec: Segmental HMM Recognition software". Online, version 1.0.
http://personal.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/P.Jackson/Dansa/SegRec/ ]


ACIDA: Matlab toolbox for identification of articulatory roles

The central algorithm for identifying lists of critical articulators is provided as a set of Matlab functions:

V Singampalli, PJB Jackson (2009). "ACIDA: Articulation constraint identification algorithm". Online, version 1.0.
http://personal.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/P.Jackson/Dansa/Acida/ ]


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