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Principal investigator

Philip Jackson Philip Jackson was CVSSP academic who led the project.

Research fellow

Yoshinori Shiga Yoshinori Shiga is now a senior researcher in Department of Acoustics and Speech Research, ATR, Japan.

Project student

Veena Singampalli Veena Singampalli is now writing up her PhD thesis.


Martin Russell Both the inspiration and the initial software came from a previous EPSRC-funded project, Balthasar, that was led by Martin Russell at the University of Birmingham. The DANSA project's software was developed from that codebase (SegVit, v3.4) and, although substantially re-written, has been of vital assistance.


EPSRC logo We are grateful to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for funding this project (Ref. GR/S85511/01).

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