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Harmonic decomposition applied to automatic speech recognition

      Thu 16 Dec 10, version 3.13 executables and source code publicly released through the PSHF website.
      Tue 16 Mar 04, version 3.12 improved reading of the audio file header, which only allows RIFF WAVE PCM.
      Tue 14 Oct 03, on-line demo of our harmonic decomposition made available, including pitch extraction and correction.
      Thu 28 May 03, version 3.11 of the PSHF, updated with better handling of internal and external pitch options.


The aim of this project is to exploit the pitch-scaled harmonic filter (PSHF) for purposes of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). The PSHF was originally developed at the University of Southampton as part of the Nephthys project with Dr Christine Shadle, and was developed through collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). The current implementation of the PSHF, in C, is now publicly available (see News above).

Examples of decomposed speech


On Wednesday 5 Feb 03, David Moreno's Masters thesis "Harmonic decomposition applied to automatic speech recognition" was awarded Matrícula de Honor (distinction) by the viva committee at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona. The thesis was supervised by Dr Philip Jackson (CVSSP) and forms a key part of the Columbo project, investigating novel feature-extraction techniques for speech recognition. There are also some published conference papers:

PJB Jackson, DM Moreno, MJ Russell, J Hernando (2003). "Covariation and weighting of harmonically decomposed streams for ASR". In Proc. Eurospeech 2003, 2321-2324, Geneva. [abstract/preprint | request ]

DM Moreno, PJB Jackson, J Hernando, MJ Russell (2003). "Improved ASR in noise using harmonic decomposition". In Proc. Int. Cong. of Phon. Sci., ICPhS 2003, 751-754, Barcelona. [abstract/preprint | request ]

DM Moreno, PJB Jackson (2003). "A front end using periodic and aperiodic streams for ASR". In Proc. One-day Meeting for Young Speech Researchers, p. 18 A, London, UK. [abstract/download ]

Details of other related articles are available in Philip Jackson's personal publication listing.

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