Monday June 18, 2018

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Biosecure DS2: A Score-level Quality-dependent and Cost-sensitive Multimodal Test Bed

Quick summary

Quality-based fusion has recently gained a lot of attention in the biometric community, e.g., the NIST's Biometric Qualty Workshop. In quality-based fusion, one seeks to design a fusion classifier that is capable of weighing the match score outputs of several biometric devices dynamically based on the estimated quality of the acquired biometric samples. Although quality-based fusion has been explored, there is unfortunately no benchmark database that can compare the effectiveness of such algorithms on equal grounds. This website is the first attempt to achieve this goal. In particular, we
  • provide a database of scores and quality measures derived the Biosecure multimodal database. 
  • propose several fusion protocols 


Download the quality-based fusion benchmark database here.
For the evaluation tools, optionally,  you can download it here. You will need to register first in order to download the program (written in Matlab).


If you do use this database, please cite the following publication:
N. Poh, T. Bourlai, and J. Kittler, “A Multimodal Biometric Test Bed for Quality-dependent,
Cost-sensitive and Client-specific Score-level Fusion Algorithms,” in Pattern Recognition
Journal, accepted, 2009. [pdf]

Norman Poh
CVSSP, SEPS, University of Surrey Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH, United Kingdom.