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Biometric Authentication Fusion Benchmark Database

Quick summary

Fusing the scores of several biometric systems is a very promising approach to improve the overall system's accuracy. Despite many works in the literature, it is surprising that there is no coordinated effort in making a benchmark database available.

Fusion here involves multimodal fusion and intramodal fusion (fusing systems using the same biometric modality but different features, or same features but using different classifiers).

Building baseline systems from scratch often prevents researchers from putting more efforts in understanding the fusion problem. This website :
  • provides a database of scores taken from experiments carried out on the XM2VTS face and speaker verification database. 
  • proposes several fusion protocols and
  • provides tools to evaluate fusion performance.
This database is built on XM2VTS, respecting the Lausanne Protocols I and II (LP1 and LP2). LP1 has 8 baseline systems and LP2 has 5 baseline systems. It has two fusion protocols:
  • FP-2 : fusion of two experts with specific combinations, such that there are multimodal fusion, intramodal fusion with different feature sets and intramodal fusion with the same feature set. There are altogheter 32 experiments.
  • FP-all: fusion with all the possible combinations across protocols. There are altogether 255 + 31 = 286 experiments.
More details can be found in idiap-rr-04-44.


Download the files here.

Matlab 6.5 or higher (for the tools only)

Installation instructions

  1. Download the two zip files
  2. unzip them one by one into a directory, say xm2vts. You should get the following directories:
  • mLibs : these are the library routines
  • mScripts : these are the script files.
  • Data

Getting started

%start matlab
cd xm2vts/mScripts

% run FP-2 protocol and fuse with mean operator
%Wait for your fusion results!

%run the tutorials


The use of this database or tools provided here should refer to the following publication:

Norman Poh
CVSSP, SEPS, University of Surrey Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH, United Kingdom.