Norman Poh's Homepage


I have participated, led, supervised, and supported a number of research projects.
  1. Projects with leading roles: These are projects in whch I'm the principal investigator or a co-investigator.
  2. Collaborative projects: These are proejcts in which I have contribtued to the success of its funding as an external collaborator or consultant.
  3. Supervised student projects: These are projects whom I have supervised at the level of PhD, MSc and BSc (final year).  I have so far supervised and/or co-supervised 7 PhD students, 9 MSc-level projects, and 12 Final year BSc projects.
  4. Other projects: Any other projects not included above.

Projects with leading roles

Title: Biometric Evaluation and Testing (BEAT)
Role: Co-Investigator
Funding body: European Union FP7
Reference: FP7-SEC-2011-2849
Amount: GBP 297K
Date: 03.2012-2.2016

Title: Mobile Biometry (MOBIO)
Role: Co-Investigator
Funding body: European Union FP7
Reference: FP7 ICT-2007.1.4
Amount: GBP 500K

Title: Complex Adaptive Multiple Classifier Systems
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding body: Swiss National Science Foundation
Reference: PA0022_121477
Amount: GBP 60K
Date: 09.2008-08.2010

Title: Model Adaptation of Multimodal Biometric System
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding body: Swiss National Science Foundation
Reference: PBEL2-114330
Amount: GBP 35K
Date: 09.2006-08.2007

Title: Hybrid Biometric Authentication System
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding body: Universiti Sains Malaysia
Reference: USM(KS)2966
Amount: GBP 100K
Date: 09.2001-03.2006

Collaborative projects

I have led to the success of the following grant bids in several international collaboration efforts. In these projects, I act as an external collaborator or an expert concsultant.

Title: Security of pattern recognition systems in the future Internet
Role: External collaborator
Amount: EUR 280K
Date: 03.2012-02.2015
Partner: University of Cagliary, Italy

In the above project, I develop algorithms to combine biometric liveness measures with the comparison output.

Title: Three-dimensional face recognition using multivariate tensor methods
Role: External collaborator
Amount: RM 52K
Date: 03.2012- 02.2015
Partner: Univesiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia

Title: UbiAware: Ubiquotous Awareness in Adversely Subtle Situations
Role: External collaborator
Amount: RM 700K
Date: 05.2012- 2014
Partner: Multimedia University, Malaysia

Title: Face Recognition for Access Control
Role: Expert consultant
Date: 10.2008- 9.2011
Partner: Extol Corp (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Supervised student projects

PhD Supervision

  1. Mobile Biometric Authentication
    Craig McDermott
    Role: Main-supervisor
  2. Likelihood Ratio Computation for Forensics Data (on-going)
    Nik Nurul Ain Nik Suki
    Role: Main-supervisor
  3. Large-scale Mining of Longitudinal Data (on-going)
    Santosh Tirunagari
    Role: Main-supervisor
  4. Applying Bensford’s Law to Detect Data Tampering (on-going)
    Aamo Iorliam
    Role: Co-supervisor
  5. Usability of Biometrics for the Visually Impaired (on-going)
    Rita Wong
    Role: Co-supervisor
  6. Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication with Cohort-Based Normalization (2012)
    Amin Merati
    Role: Co-supervisor |
  7. Multi-scale Local Binary Pattern Histogram for Face Recognition (2008)
    Chan Chi Ho
    Role: Co-supervisor | 
  8. Multimodal Fusion of Biometric Experts (2008)
    Omalara Fatukasi
    Role: Co-supervisor | 

MSc data mining projects

  1. A Study of the Effect of Sleep Deprivation using Microarray Data
    Gabriela Koupepidou and Moroj Alsulaimani
  2. An Investigation into the Effects of Therapy on Smokers
    Luke Harbord, Joyce Ng, Krishan Benyunes
  3. Predicting eGFR Trends from Healthcare Records
    Giang Tran-Hoang and Yan Huang
  4. A Study of EEG Neuron Firing of Mice
    Hussain Haider, Arpan Pal, and Arinze Melifonwu
  5. Mining the Healthcare Records of Patients with Hypertension
    Shreya. Appia, Maria Christofi and Neal Rycroft
  6. Analysis of NREM (deep sleep), REM (sleep), and Wakefulness in Mice
    Seemal Zaman, Oyindamola Ibiyemi and Asmau Abdul Kadir
MSc projects
  1. Privacy Preservation of Data Storage on the Cloud
    Giang Tran-Hoang
  2. Sequestered Data Analysis with Application to Health Records
    Abdulrahman Hajara
  3. A Survey of Privacy Preserving Data Analytics
    Katibi Ayodeji
  4. Handling Veracity in Big Data
    Sara Aljayyar
  5. Predictive Analytics in Education
    Aminu A Maaji
  6. Business Intelligence: A Systematic Review
    Joshua Babatunde
Final year projects
  1. Patient ID Encryption, Tom Newman
  2. Visualisation of Health Records, Pengfei Li
  3. Autoencoders for Clustering Patient Records, Andreas Paisanos
  4. Estimating a Health Index for Patients with Multiple Comorbidities using INFER.NET, Nikola Loncar
  5. Temporal Patient Data Stratification Using Data-mining Techniques, Matthew Greenhalgh
  6. Patient Record Visualisation, Luke Meritt
  7. Vehicle Design for Unknown Terrain Traversal Using Genetic Algorithms, Misha Colbourne
  8. Large-scale Facial Image Retrieval, Nicholas Elia
  9. Interactive Remote Data Analytics, Abodunrin Adesoji
  10. Mining Temporal Information from Health Records, Natoli Andrea
  11. Analysing Data without Access to Data, Athanasias Stylianos
  12. Usability Issues on Web-based Sales Portal, Mohamad Abubaker

Other projects

  1. Exo-brain: an online healthcare analytics platform. This is a start-up project which won three categories of awards from the International Create Challenge 2013
  2. Forensic Vehicle Convoy Analysis For Investigating Organised Crime: I am developing a number of back-end algorithms that is based on unsupervised classification. The algorithms will identify convoys, or a pair of vehicles travelling together for a sustained period of time. Vehicles that are of criminal nature are flagged.