50 Gbps optical modulator in silicon (2011) - paper

Modulation at 1.3 um in Ge/SiGe multiple quantum wells (2011) - paper

WDM based on waveguide mode dispersion (2011) - paper

40 Gbps slow light modulator in silicon (2011) - paper

Modulation mechanism in silicon at longer wavelengths (2011) - paper

40 Gbps modulators with high modulation depth (2011) - paper

Low loss propagation of mid-IR light in SOI and SiPSi waveguides (2011) - paper

40 Gbps silicon modulators for TE and TM polarisations (2011) - paper

Locally erasable Bragg gratings in silicon waveguides (2011) - paper

10 Gbps modulator with self-aligned fabrication (2010) - paper

Low loss MMI couplers for high performance MZI modulators (2010) - paper

19 GHz modulator based on ring resonator (2009) - paper

Low loss Silicon on porous silicon waveguides (2009) - paper

Reduction of free carrier lifetime by ion implantation (2008) - paper

Modelling of single mode and polarisation independent waveguides (2008) - paper

Three-dimensional control of optical waveguide fabrication in silicon (2008) - paper

Submicron low loss LOCOS waveguides (2008)

Free standing waveguides in silicon (2007) - paper

Polarisation independent modulator (2007) - paper

Large FSR in ring resonators (2006) - paper

Depletion type optical modulator in silicon (2005) - paper

High efficiency grating couplers (2005) - paper

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