Centre for Communication Systems Research  
Dr. Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz Bhutta
Research Fellow
Qualifications: BCS(hons), MSc, PhD

Email: m.bhutta@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 0044-1483-68-9694
Room:  22 BA 00
Research Interests
Cyber security including Security protocols, Forensics, Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering and Networking including Satellite Networks, Internet, Adhoc networks, Mobile Networks, Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing etc.
Research Collaborations
Collaborating on research and projects with different researchers in CCSR, in industry and as well in different countries including my home country Pakistan.

Students Supervision
Supervised more than 10 MSc and undergraduate students before 2013 on different projects including IPsec, DTN, Multilayer IPsec, Bundle Security Protocol, Key Management, DoS Attacks etc. Currently, I am supervising some students in the area of Network and Mobile Forensics and Network Penetration Testing.

Projects (Technical Contributions)
Key Management in Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking:
Contributed by proposing a new key transport protocol and new PKI Validation and Revocation Mechanism Suitable for DTN. 

Multilayer Security Architecture for Internet Protocol (ML-IPsec):
ML-IPSec enhances the functionality of IPSec in order to solve the conflicts between IPSec and intermediate entities such as TCP/IP and application layer PEPs.

Satnex II & III:
Suitability of DTN for different space scenarios including deep space, satellite based networks.

Secure Broadcast Authentication from IP Based Satellite Networks:
TESLA, FLUTE, ULE protocols implementation for satellite based multicast networks

VOIP and Unified Communication System:
evaluated Britannic Technologies existing SIP trunking system and proposed a more robust system design.

Optimization in Google Search Engine:
Semantic and ontology based optimization in Google search engine to extract specific information from web pages.

Other Protocols Implementation:
Peer to peer resource searching facility,
Routing Information Protocol (RTP),
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP),
Steganography, Watermarking and Cryptanalysis algorithms and protocols.

Project Proposals
Contibuted in writing many research proposals for different funding bodies including ESPRC.
Draft Journal Papers:
Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz
, H.Cruickshank, “A New Dynamic Multilayer IPsec Protocol for IP Based Satellite Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Communications.

Submitted Journal Papers:
Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, H.Cruickshank, Zhili Sun, “An Efficient, Scalable Key Transport Scheme for DTN Based on Public Key Cryptography”, IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking.

Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, H. Cruickshank, Zhili Sun “A suitable Certificate Validation and Revocation Method for DTN”, IEEE Transactions on Computers.

Selected Conference Publications:
Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz
, Cruickshank, H., Moseley, M., & Ashworth, J. (2012, March). A New Dynamic Multilayer IPSec Protocol”, PSATS 2012, March 2012. In PSATS 2012. Bradford, UK.

Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, Cruickshank, H., Moseley, M., & Ashworth, J. (2011, October). Multilayer IPSec (ML-IPSec) Protocol Design for improved security performance over satellites. In 7th Ka and Broadband Communications, Navigation and Earth Observation Conference. Palemo Italy.

Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, Cruickshank, H., Moseley, M., & Ashworth, J. (2011, August 17). Redesigning of IPSec for interworking with satellite Performance Enhancing Proxies. In Communications and Networking in China (CHINACOM), 2011 6th International ICST Conference on. Harbin.

Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, Cruickshank, H., Moseley, M., & Ashworth, J. (2010, September 2). Multilayer IPSec (ML-IPSec) Design for Transport and Application Layer Satellite Performance Enhancing Proxies. In 28th AIAA International Communication Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC 2010). California.

Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, Ansa, G., Johnson, E., Ahmad, N., Alsiyabi, M., & Cruickshank, H. (2009, September 9). Security analysis for Delay/Disruption Tolerant satellite and sensor Networks. In Satellite and Space Communications, 2009. IWSSC 2009. International Workshop on. Tuscany: IEEE Xplore. Retrieved from http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/login.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5286339&url=http%3A%2F%2Fieeexplore.ieee.org%2Fiel5%2F5278414%2F5286300%2F05286339.pdf%3Farnumber%3D5286339

Liang, L., Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz,  Cruickshank, H., Sun, Z., Fairhurst, G., & Kulatunga, C. (2009, September 9). Integration of TESLA and FLUTE over satellite networks. In Satellite and Space Communications, 2009. IWSSC 2009. International Workshop on. Tuscany: IEEE Xplore. Retrieved fromhttp://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/login.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5286405&url=http%3A%2F%2Fieeexplore.ieee.org%2Fiel5%2F5278414%2F5286300%2F05286405.pdf%3Farnumber%3D5286405

Bhutta, Muhammad Nasir Mumtaz, Cruickshank, H., Caviglione, L., & Davoli, F. (2009, June). Security in Peer-to-Peer Applications and Remote Instrumentation over Satellite: A Scenario Including Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). In 27th International Communication Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC 2009). Edinburgh, UK: IET.

Editor Journal
Looking to be for some journal.
Conference Organization
Experience being part of conference organizaiton as TPC.

Teaching and Demonstration Activities
Taught a module on Networking and Security as part of a MSc course and demonstrated in two subjects related to C/C++ and Python.

Invited Talks, Conference Presentations
Has given many talks in different other universities and research groups. Has experience of presenting my work in different conferences.

Departmental Duties
Played a key role in creating a small research group and help in organizing the group activities on weekly basis. Also helps in organizing different quarterly meetings for different projects.


Reviewer (Journal and Conferences)
Reviewer of numerous journals including IEEE TPDS and numerous conferences including IWSSC, ICUMT, GC10-SAC, IEEE ICC etc.

Professional Trainings Attended
Professional training of courses including
Effective Learning and Teaching,
Project Supervision & Project Management,
Team Leading,
Writing Research Papers and
Assertive and Interpersonal Skills etc.

MSc scholarship from HEC Pakistan
PhD scholarship from University of Surrey