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Get powered by Spacesearch

Becoming powered by Spacesearch is straightforward - just copy and modify one of the forms provided below.

Please include all the search engine options; your site's readers have different ease of access to you, and they will appreciate it. The more search engine options, the more reliable searching is. (Care and feeding of the search engines by adding your URLs is also recommended.) Include the server you are on as well as the entire web, so that the form is useful even for people who have stumbled upon your page by accident.


The powerful form

A multilingual form for a multilingual world.

will search all this space search texts in this space written in


The simple form

For when space is at a premium.

Powered by Spacesearch

Don't omit the Powered by Spacesearch. Spread the word.


Here's a short list of some existing Spacesearch users who are using these forms as a basis for providing search facilities for their spaces:

Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Surrey
A large and busy webserver is indexed by Spacesearch - it's even on their 404 not found output.

Search Surrey
Many ways to search the University of Surrey's scattered webservers.

Lloyd Wood
Search Lloyd's personal pages, his server, or the web.

Small Satellites Home Page search
Search the server or the web.

I have no idea what this is.

New Worker Online
Back issues of the magazine of the New Communist Party of Britain. Amazing. I didn't realise Britain had a new communist party.

The IE4 orthogonal exploit trilogy
gives people not running IE4 something useful to do.

Windell's link page
search forms galore.

Snooz Maori searching
Spacesearch language heuristics at work.

los Defensores del Tanooki
A Spanish user.

More Spanish searching
Another Spanish user.

...and then there's Deegan.

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last updated 17 August 1999