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a frames-free version is also available.

a webserver directory is an information space.
a language and all it contains is a cultural space.
a public indexing engine is a vast data space.
Search them with Spacesearch.


What is Spacesearch?

Spacesearch makes searching for information on the web simple - straight from your browser. It's easy and it's cheap!

It's a public multilanguage client-side metasearch service utilising linguistics heuristics and javascript with cgi fallthrough to provide a decision tree that creates an expert system that knows quite a bit about search-engine interfaces.

Get Powered by Spacesearch

To put it another way, if you ever wanted to read all the Maori there was on the web or usenet, you'd come to Spacesearch. If you wanted to surf the web in French, Spacesearch can let you use French interfaces and can also let you search French content, without you having to wander around search engines looking for those that had French interfaces and bookmarking them.

Spacesearch lets you search for information in thirty different languages. For viewing all of these languages, you'll need a variety of non-Roman fonts to show the character sets correctly. Information on supporting multiple languages on the web, with pointers to downloadable fonts, is available.

Legal disclaimer and necessary mumbo-jumbo

Spacesearch is from an idea first expressed in Lloyd's Search Surrey pages in July 1996.

Implementation and idea by Lloyd Wood, first implemented in November 1996. CGI implementation first written in raw C by Dean Swift in November 1996. These pages, cgi/Javascript combination fallthrough, frames concept, language terms research and human interface by Lloyd. Language heuristics concept and trippy table separators originally by Dean. Lloyd would have found rewriting Dean's C into a useful cgi easier if Dean hadn't been one of the 1996 Obfuscated C Contest winners, and Lloyd now gets to maintain everything himself. Dean is now running Xirium.

Spacesearch is subject to modification without notice, and comes with no implicit or explicit warranty or guarantee. Use at own risk. The creator of Spacesearch (Lloyd Wood) provides Spacesearch as a public service and is unable to make guarantees of availability of service across a worldwide network.

I built Spacesearch because I spent a lot of time playing with and using search engines. To learn more about how search engines work, I recommend Search Engine Watch and watching traffic in the newsgroup.

Harnessing the power of heuristic programming

Spacesearch searches only public information. That's why it's so cheap.

Multicultural solutions for an uncaring world

Lastly, Spacesearch is ours. Use it with care. All rights reserved.

Oh, enough of this self-aggrandizing advertising. Just go and use Google instead. We do.


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last updated 30 January 2002