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This is where old backup copies of work-in-progress on SaVi are kept after being checked into the SaVi SourceForge repository.

You should probably look at current SaVi development efforts. You may prefer to begin with a SaVi release.

-local and -localcvs tarballs are here because I create an ad-hoc local CVS trees to do development offline, and merge the results into Sourceforge via a single checkin that overwrites all tags. These tarballs record individual development commits during that time; -local is checked locally out of -localcvs. If you unpack that cvs tarball and do e.g.:
export CVSROOT=$PWD/savi; cvs co savi-dev
you'll find that you now also have a copy of the contents of the -local tarball, also here.

2003-01-06 savi/savi Checked all Christmas/New Year local development into Sourceforge via single checkin.

2002-11-19 tarball reflects Sourceforge development; -nologo, last filename, improved load/save file dialogs, shows the north pole in the coverage window, and can be made to run on Cygwin under Windows. Sirius Radio script added.

2002-06-23 savi/savi-dev Checked all previous local development into Sourceforge; summarised local work in a single checkin and released SaVi 1.2.1.

2002-06-09 from Sourceforge fixes a number of minor bugs, as noted by changes to BUGS, and attempts to make the build process more robust, with fewer error messages.

2002-04-20 tarball reflects all prior Sourceforge development, and lets you widen the coverage window and see the coverage map tile horizontally.

(For texture-mapping under Geomview, you may need to copy the Earth.ppm.Z file into the oogl/ subdirectory; compressed files aren't usually stored in CVS, and that file was only recently checked into the development tree.)
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[   ]savi-dev-eq-2014-11-25.tar.gz2014-11-25 11:28 790K 
[   ]savi-dev-2009-12-12.tar.gz2009-12-12 17:54 776K 
[   ]savi-dev-2004-12-24-early.tar.gz2004-12-24 15:24 384K 
[   ]mikhail-geomview-tests.tar.gz2007-07-03 22:30 377K 
[   ]savi-2003-01-06-localcvs.tar.gz2003-01-06 21:54 357K 
[   ]savi-dev-2003-01-06-local.tar.gz2003-01-06 21:54 328K 
[   ]savi-dev-2002-06-09-localcvs.tar.gz2002-06-10 00:24 252K 
[   ]savi-dev-2002-06-09-local.tar.gz2002-06-10 00:48 236K 
[VID]savi-mac-os-x-loop-bug.mov2007-03-13 18:22 181K 
[IMG]savi-globalstar-dynamic-texture-2003-01-26.png2003-01-26 21:57 112K 
[   ]Earth.ppm.Z2002-06-10 00:42 88K 
[   ]claus-image-texturemap-example.gcl2007-05-08 01:07 66K 
[TXT]savi1.2.3-64-bit-clean-diff.txt2004-05-02 23:42 3.8K 
[TXT]sunlight-earth.tcl2006-09-21 12:56 3.4K 
[TXT]HEADER.html2009-03-15 19:59 2.8K 
[TXT]savi-gcc-4-patch.txt2006-08-07 02:18 1.9K 
[TXT]savi-122-122a-patch.txt2004-01-12 01:04 1.6K 
[TXT]savi-122a-save-coverage-dialog-always-to-front-patch.txt2004-01-12 01:06 1.3K 
[TXT]tk-8.5-patch-savi-132-and-earlier-coverage_vis.c.diff.txt2007-11-15 18:51 539  
[TXT]README.html2009-03-15 19:59 171  

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