SaVi Friends of the Geometry Center

Here are original deltas to the SaVi 1.0 release:

Gregory LaCoste (modifications to 1.0):
- Tcl/Tk 8.0 compatibility (adopted for 1.2).
- various coverage plot modifications (now adopted with changes for 1.2).
- various fisheye view modifications (now adopted and rewritten for 1.2).

Patrick Worfolk (tentative 1.1 release):
- sun lighting and shadow (now adopted as of Jan 2008 for 1.3.3 release. Geomview light source control appears buggy, but drawing sunlight on coverage map works around it).
- intersatellite-link drawing (not yet included).

To build and play with Patrick's 1.0 extensions, read about building 1.1.