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This is where work-in-progress on SaVi is kept as it is checked into the SaVi SourceForge repository. Browse code changes in the SaVi CVS tree. Occasional development diary notes are made in my SaVi blogstream.

Feel free to take, build and play with a development tarball, and follow the SaVi development mailing list. Latest development code is available from the Sourceforge code repository. Recent codedrops where features are relatively stable are provided below.

The SaVi 1.5.0a release (11 December 2016) allows coverage maps to be saved directly as GIF image files, enables saving of animated coverage maps as gifanims by using gifsicle, adds ability to load TLE elsets direct from web, works to improve building on SGI Irix, handles Tcl's interp->result being considered deprecated in Tcl 8.5 and strongly discouraged in 8.6, fixes dynamic coverage compilation error seen in recent clang, fixes path-setting problems in launch script, includes instructions for building under Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, removes legacy numesh.oogl and has texturemapping always on.

Building SaVi and Geomview under Microsoft Windows and under Mac OS X are discussed. Further discussion of building Geomview can be found in the Geomview users and Geomview developers mailing list archives.

It's easiest to check out your own copy of the SaVi development code from Sourceforge by following instructions to use CVS:
cvs -z3 co savi-dev
and just hit return at any password prompt. Or you can examine SaVi's CVS tree.

You may prefer to begin with a SaVi release. Other unreleased SaVi code includes intersatellite link drawing.
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