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This is where released SaVi code is stored. SaVi relies on Tcl and Tk, and can optionally use Geomview for 3D rendering.

For SaVi 1.5, see building SaVi 1.5.
For SaVi 1.0, see building SaVi 1.0.

Further discussion of building Geomview can be found in the geomview-users and geomview-developers mailing list archives.

To take advantage of new features or bugfixes as they appear, or to join the cutting edge of SaVi development, see unreleased code.
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The SaVi 1.5.1 release (2 July 2017) adds a -max-transmit-altitude flag, improves Cygwin Tcl/Tk 8.6 compatibility, and includes minor bugfixes.

The SaVi 1.5.0b release (12 June 2017) allows coverage maps to be saved directly as GIF image files, enables saving of animated coverage maps as gifanims by using gifsicle, adds ability to load TLE elsets directly from web, works to improve building on SGI Irix, handles Tcl's interp->result being considered deprecated in Tcl 8.5 and strongly discouraged in 8.6, fixes dynamic coverage compilation error seen in recent clang, fixes path-setting problems in launch script, includes instructions for building under Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, removes legacy numesh.oogl and has texturemapping always on.

The SaVi 1.4.9b release (19 April 2016) updates Geomview's footprints and cones dynamically when the coverage slider is used, enables coverage 'Show map' checkbox to control Geomview behaviour, adds speculative LeoSat and OneWeb star constellation simulations, removes now-legacy texturemap disk scratchfile needed by Geomview 1.8.1 to remove tmpnam() call, which was a showstopper for e.g. the Ubuntu linker, improves finding binary executable on launch.

The SaVi 1.4.8 release (15 January 2015) includes bugfixes to the new colorful land/sea projection, and increased support for Tcl/Tk 8.6.

The SaVi 1.4.7 release (5 January 2015) adds a duochrome option showing coverage shading over land and sea, models the equator and equatorial exclusion zones in the fisheye window, by showing parallels, used that to correct the Skybridge 64-satellite script, adds a -min-transmit-altitude flag and min_transmit_altitude bound variable to set a height at which elliptical constellations turn off signal away from apogee, and makes compilation easier on recent Mac OS X (10.9 and later).

The SaVi 1.4.6 release (12 May 2013) builds on FreeBSD 8.1, supports Cygwin transitioning from Insight Tcl/Tk 8.4 to conventional unix Tcl/Tk 8.5, has launch script tweaks that could support split-tree approach introduced by Debian package maintainers to decrease their breakage (though they have since returned to a single tree), swaps control/shift key selection in main menu to match usual usage.

The SaVi 1.4.5 release (30 April 2011) fixes coverage panel crash when satellite drops below Earth's surface (on mask elevation), streamlines coverage angle interface code to work around coverage slider use freeze in buggy Mac Tk, can build with ActiveTcl on Mac for a less buggy Tk experience, fixes redrawing fisheye if window is opened and closed without requiring resizing, adds Deligo constellation simulation, adds more packaging notes, better detects existing files when saving, includes help for example satellite, launches binary with exec so that shell script doesn't hang around, improves layout of multi-slider dialogs, identifies elliptical constellations in help, adds new coverage color swap menu option.

The SaVi 1.4.4 release (18 February 2011) builds on Tcl/Tk 8.6b1, updates script simulating O3b based on latest information, adds simulations of Japanese NeLS rosette and COMMstellation constellations, allows selection between existing J2 and classical J0 orbital models with -orbit-model flag, provides keyboard menu shortcuts (except on buggy Mac Tk), warns against deletion of help textfiles, supports building with just 'make' on x86_64 linux systems, adds notes on packaging and release processes.

The SaVi 1.4.3 release (6 December 2009) adds fisheye option to plot location on coverage map, improves Geomview snapshot handling of file paths containing a space, only uses -redrawn-menus on Mac OS X Leopard when required, uses Tcl/Tk 8.5, builds on Ubuntu 9.10 and Fedora 12.0, fixes saving satellites to save all names but not sunlight, tidies up texts for narrow window widths, makes configuration advice script smarter.

The SaVi 1.4.2 release (10 February 2009) fixes a rare rounding error when blending colours, makes -redrawn-menus the default on Mac OS X to work around a 10.5 Leopard Tk menubar bug, fixes no_fames typo preventing saving frames from Geomview, adds View Source... option, adds more elevation circles to large fisheyes.

The SaVi 1.4.1 release (12 January 2009) adds the ability to name generated Ballard rosettes, adds crude star constellation generator (no Walker seam adjustment), includes fixes for sunlight footprint/cones and for plotting coverage when sunlight coverage is turned off, fixes edit panel updating list, updates coverage and fisheye immediately on satellite parameter edits, disables sunlight cone properly, adds O3b Networks, Skybridge 80, Glonass, and Boeing patent scripts, makes scripts self-documenting with script comments displayed in new Help menu window, indicates day/night when sunlight is used, supports detailed Earth texturemap which is unprojected, unlike the cylindrical Earth.ppm.gz, can parse recent TLEs without complaining about octal.

The SaVi 1.4.0a release (22 June 2008) supports varying (1-19) levels of coverage shading for viewing high-diversity constellations such as GPS and Galileo, adds the ability to save high-resolution renderings and screen snapshots of the Geomview camera, either singly or in sequence for postprocessing to make movies, controls Geomview background color, uses sun lighting to demonstrate buggy Geomview lighting, adds support for naming of satellites as a first step to improving TLE reading, improves display of satellite information in main and fisheye windows, compatible with Tk 8.5, works fully under Mac OS X 10.5/Xcode 3.0, with workaround for Leopard menubar problem, adds RapidEye simulation, shows sunlight in Coverage panel and texturemap, works with latest gnu make griping about version.c, disables showing Earth map in Geomview on startup to avoid Mac OS X geomview crash, corrects rosette tool Globalstar defaults, and finally uses inline piping of texturemaps for speed and accuracy where supported by Geomview, using compress2 for Geomview 1.9.5 (handled via inline zlib code in Geomview), and inline gzip format for Geomview 1.9.0 to .4 (which spawn gzip to handle), adds missing sinusoidal and spherical projections, supports shift-clicking multiple satellites and control-clicking ranges of satellites, allows opening and closing the coverage window with new numbers of colours, adds texturemapping of unprojected maps. Texturemapping is vastly improved.

The SaVi 1.3.2a release (1 November 2006) improves spherical projection maps, adds Geomview camera options to view north or south pole, renames common binary to "SaVi" so that process names can look neater (particularly on the Mac OS X menubar) when the architecture-specific binaries have been deleted, presents a white windowing interface on Mac OS X and a grey interface on Windows under Cygwin, uses -highlightbackground to hint at button color under Aqua Tcl, uses a cross-platform black background for the fisheye and spherical/sinusoidal views, and moves bottom-right buttons to left to keep clear of window grow boxes (on Mac OS X), fixes Linux Makefile settings.

The SaVi 1.3.1 release (31 August 2006) improves fisheye rendering when 'satellite cones' is selected, compiles under gcc 4.0 and on Mac OS X with make ARCH=macosx, does better Geomview version and rendering detection useful for the upcoming Geomview 1.8.2 release, hides coverage colour keys when coverage or diversity checkboxes are unchecked.

The SaVi 1.3.0c release (14 December 2007) gets SaVi working on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, adds satellites counts to the fisheye view, builds on FreeBSD with make ARCH="freebsd", builds on Debian with make ARCH="debian", improves error reporting when the user passes invalid command-line parameters, sets coverage in the Ellipso script, fixes an error when the user specifies a coverage map with extension .gz, asks the user what size Coverage panel is desired, allows satellites and coverage to be edited to hidden in the Coverage panel, improves layout of the Fisheye view, adds simulation of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation and Japanese quasi-geostationary systems, properly handles directory names containing spaces, and, at long last, adds a SaVi user manual.

The SaVi 1.2.8 release (2 January 2006) reworks the fisheye to use a Tk canvas widget instead of X, adds a rosette generator, corrects @atcontact, Celestri, Galileo and GS2 scripts, adds a slider for realtime coverage width adjustment, improves TLE-handling code, adds -fake-geomview flag to test features for Geomview without running Geomview, adds -map-view-height <no. of pixels> flag to scale coverage map arbitrarily, indicates map coordinates clicked directly in coverage panel.

The SaVi 1.2.7a release (25 April 2005) adds a spherical projection option to the coverage panel and addresses Makefile naming issues.

The SaVi 1.2.6 release (12 February 2005) is faster and more responsive with Geomview, particularly when texturemapping, can be built to use zlib for on-the-fly compression of dynamic texture maps for Geomview, makes texturemapping a user menu option, uses temporary files correctly for texturemaps, adds an option to turn the Earth outline map on and off.

The SaVi 1.2.5 release (7 January 2005) significantly improves texturemapping in Geomview, can disable X use by SaVi, includes improved, faster, coverage map display with color runs and color load/save, improves parameter handling in command-line flags, defends binary against being run without wrapper script.

The SaVi 1.2.4 release (21 December 2004) improves README documentation and reporting on build errors, improves piping initialisation and compatibility with 64-bit architectures under Geomview, improves opening windows on unusual X displays, adds Galileo and Draim tetrahedral simulations.

The SaVi 1.2.3 release (16 April 2004) adds support for compiling under gcc 3.3.1, increases speed significantly when running under Geomview, and improves Cygwin compatibility.

The SaVi 1.2.2a release (8 January 2004) adds realtime 3D texturemapping, new coverage projections, optional large coverage maps, compatibility with Tcl/Tk 8.4 and Cygwin, better file handling, a Sirius Radio simulation, and a host of other improvements.
Changes in the 'a' revision: One line of code that used "eq" (which was introduced with "ne" in Tcl 8.4) was changed so that SaVi can be used with earlier versions of Tcl/Tk. The packaging also excludes the unnecessary CVS/ subdirectories.

The SaVi 1.2.1 release (23 June 2002) includes bugfixes and usability enhancements. The coverage map can now be stretched to fill your monitor.

The SaVi 1.2.0 release (8 December 2001) includes Greg LaCoste's interval decay work and Tcl/Tk 8 compatibility.

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