Examples of use of SaVi

Celestri modelled in SaVi with Geomview
SaVi and Geomview model Celestri
All rights are reserved on the SaVi images on these pages. A service rendering SaVi images on request is available. Any use of SaVi images must credit SaVi. Suggested references are:
L. Wood, SaVi: satellite constellation visualization, First Annual CCSR Research Symposium, Centre for Communication Systems Research, University of Surrey, 30 June 2011.
L. Wood, P. Worfolk et al., SaVi - Satellite constellation Visualization software, http://savi.sf.net/, 2015.

The satellite plot scripts were also used in some of these. Examples of use of SaVi include:

Academic work showcasing SaVi includes:

The satellite plot scripts were used in a number of these examples.

Press articles featuring SaVi include:

SaVi has also featured in:

If giving credit for use is undesirable, there are alternatives to SaVi.

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