Building SaVi releases

1.5 releases
SaVi 1.5.0b
Download SaVi 1.5.0b and compile it, and check this page for important updates.
1.5.0b includes fixes for more accuracy in constellations generated by the internal Ballard rosette and crude star tools.
1.5.0a includes two fixes, for better gifsicle detection and for parsing unnamed elsets.

1.4 releases
SaVi 1.4.9b
1.4.9b fixes a problem compiling on latest Cygwin.
1.4.9a fixes a problem compiling with clang on Mac OS X.

SaVi 1.4.8
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.7a
1.4.7a fixes two coverage bugs introduced with the new land/sea projection in 1.4.7.

SaVi 1.4.6
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.5
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.4
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.3
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.2
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.1
nothing to report.

SaVi 1.4.0a
1.4.0a makes the configure script specific to the 1.4.0 release, replacing savi-dev/ with savi1.4.0/ throughout.

1.3 releases
SaVi 1.3.2a
1.3.2a makes 1.3.2 easier to build on Linux.

SaVi 1.3.1a
1.3.1a makes 1.3.1 easier to build on Linux.

SaVi 1.3.0c
1.3.0c removes a binary executable and includes tweaks to make this version work on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) as a stopgap while development work towards the 1.4.0 release continued.
1.3.0b makes 1.3.0 easier to build on Linux.
1.3.0a makes the configure script specific to the 1.3.0 release, replacing savi-dev/ with savi1.3.0/ throughout.

1.2 releases
SaVi 1.2.8
Nothing to report.

SaVi 1.2.7a
1.2.7a makes the configure script specific to the 1.2.7 release, replacing savi-dev/ with savi1.2.7/ throughout.

SaVi 1.2.6a
Makefile_defs naming error, as below, in 1.2.6 is corrected in 1.2.6a.

SaVi 1.2.5a
Makefile_defs naming error, as below, in 1.2.5 is corrected in 1.2.5a.

SaVi 1.2.4a
Makefile_defs naming error, as below, in 1.2.4 is corrected in 1.2.4a.

SaVi 1.2.3a
In SaVi 1.2.3 src/Makefile_defs should be renamed src/Makefile_defs. with the trailing period. This permits make (where no architecture is specified) and make clean to work completely as expected without complaints. This problem occurred due to packaging on Cygwin, where the two filenames are treated as the name without the period by the Windows file system.
mv src/Makefile_defs src/Makefile_defs.
This is corrected in 1.2.3a.

SaVi 1.2.2b
The 1.2.2b release corrects errors in the RELEASE-NOTE that may mislead. No other changes from 1.2.2a.
The 1.2.2a release replaces use of a Tcl 8.4-only command to enable SaVi to work with older versions of Tcl, and also removes unnecessary CVS/ subdirectories from the 1.2.2 release.

SaVi 1.2.1a
Note that SaVi 1.2.1 builds with debug enabled, and files are group writable, matching the development tree. 1.2.1a fixes these.

SaVi 1.2
In the 1.2 release, data/clarke.tcl is missing its satellites GV_BEGIN line. This results in a slowdown when other constellations are later loaded, as each satellite is then drawn onscreen in Geomview as it is created. The line is easily added, and this change and other improvements have been made in later releases and in development code.

Pages describing building SaVi 1.0 and building SaVi 1.1 are also available.
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