Lloyd Wood - software

Various pieces of software or software information created, contributed to or maintained by Lloyd Wood. (Advogato | SourceForge | Slashdot | Freecode)

network and satellite simulation work.
SaVi satellite constellation visualization
lets you simulate and view satellite constellations such as Iridium and Globalstar.
Requires Tcl/Tk running with unix libraries.
satellite network drawing
draws maps of satellite networks simulated in the network simulator ns.
Requires perl and xfig.
ns work
assorted notes and hints from my use of ns, the Californian network simulator.
Along with some original content.
material related to this dynamic system simulator from the Geometry Center.
Requires Tcl/Tk running with 32-bit unix libraries.

Services via online interactive web forms
things that you should be able to use right now.
Cartoon browser
Peruse the archive of the South African Madam & Eve comics.
Requires perl.
multilanguage metasearch tool; Javascript with fallthrough to interactive cgi.
Requires any forms-capable web browser.

Sundry scripts
useless odds and ends.
perl script that compresses javascript scripts in webpages.
Used for Spacesearch. Requires perl.
shell script to customise the xlock screensaver.
Requires xlock running under X on unix, preferably Solaris.
Matlab scripts
describing properties of toroidal and cylindrical networks.
Scripts require Matlab 4.2, any platform.

I used to use a Macintosh, and some software information on toys for Mac OS 9 is also available.
Lloyd Wood (L.Wood@society.surrey.ac.uk)
this page last updated 24 May 2004