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an outdated guide to finding your way around the university webspace
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Much has changed in the university webspace since this was set up. Good luck searching.

Here you can search any or all of the departments or services of the University of Surrey for information. A guide to University schools and departments is also available, as is my guided tour of the University. Other search tools elsewhere enable you to search the UK academic internet or view a map of UK universities.

This uses a simple keyword search system. Either select the server you wish to search from the topmost form on this page, or scroll down to look through the University structure and find the department of interest to you.

Then just click on the related text-entry box, type the words you wish to search for in the text entry box, then press the Find button alongside. Put phrases that you wish to search for in quotes, e.g.
"Lloyd Wood".

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If you prefer, a framed search interface is provided for convenience.

Of the public search engines, Hotbot used to hold the largest public index of Surrey content, followed by Altavista. These days, Altavista does okay, but who uses anything other than Google?

The default search engine given is (or was) usually the best choice, at least for simple text searches. Read tips on using the selected search engine by pressing the help (?) button.

Do note that only pages publically available to the entire world are indexed and searched; campus- or department-restricted pages will not appear in the search results. And please read my disclaimer before you send me comments.

There are Yahoo UK categories for the University and for Surrey.

Further information on Guildford is also available, as is information on travelling to campus and maps.

University of Surrey
Here you can search all of campus.

Other campuswide information services include:

Restricted to campus users:

Institutions associated with the University include:

Guide to schools and departments

If you have some idea which department or service the information that you are looking for belongs to, you can use the individual search forms, below, to narrow and speed your search.

These forms reflect current University organisation as much as possible, although keeping track of the internal Schools structure (which webpages always lag) is rather difficult. However, they're mainly concerned with internal web server organisation; departments without any web servers at all are not well represented here.

This page is ordered engineering first, then physical sciences, then humanities, followed by services and administration and individuals' servers.

You may also be interested in the Postgraduate Students Association and the Surrey Alumni Society.

School of Electronics and Physical Sciences
previously known as the School of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics, formerly known as the School of Electronic Engineering, Information Technology & Mathematics. Now including the Department of Physics and known as the School of Electronics and Physical Sciences (SEPS) from 1 August 2002.

Mathematical and Computing Sciences
This has split into separate Maths and Computing departments with their own servers.


Electronic Engineering
Graduates tripping down memory lane might want to check out the Surrey Electronic & Electrical Engineers Graduates' Association before joining up at the Surrey Alumni society.
CVSSP runs the CVSSP internal server and neo for restricted services.

Centre for Communications Systems Research (CCSR)
Since I've studied there, it gets a form.
School of Engineering
includes the former School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and School of Engineering in the Environment.
Also includes the Centre for Biomedical Engineering (old pages, alternate DNS).

Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Research Group (MSRR)
Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME)
ERCOFTAC Fluid Dynamics Database
requires you to subscribe for most of its content. It's now ostensibly moved to this machine, but as you'll see from querying the search engine (for, say, transition) it's still holding a lot of content.
ERCOFTAC Fluid Dynamics Classic Database
free access to data collected in 1995.
Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE)
Civil Engineering
Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES)
School of Physical Sciences
previously known as the School of Physics and Chemistry. Physics merged with another school as of 1 August 2002.

They're also running the Chemistry intranet server (Surrey only) where you'd expect to find the departmental server.
Chemistry RS/6000 server
Polymer Research Centre
Computing in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centre for Physics
School of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
formerly known as the School of Biological Sciences.
The Centre for Biomedical Engineering is actually part of the School of Engineering.

Biological Sciences
ClifMar Associates
University-owned company selling antibody purification technologies.

Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit
They've also registered their own virtual server.
Stockgrand Ltd
University-owned company measuring melatonin and cortisol body rhythm markers.

European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (EIHMS)
School of Human Sciences
They also run the Question Bank.
School of Arts
a recent reorganisation.
Linguistic, Cultural and International Studies
English Language Institute (ELI)
merged with the ELTC, below, to form the TLC. Now a research group?
The Language Centre
This was the European Language Teaching Centre (ELTC). As usual, old content has been discarded, without implementing Apache RedirectPermanents.
School of Educational Studies
School of Performing Arts
may now be part of the School of Arts.
Institute of Sound Recording
Dance Studies
National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD)
Theatre and Performance Studies
School of Management Studies for the Service Sector
also incorporating the Department of Management Studies. The Surrey European Management School, below, was entirely separate and managed itself - although they're now both part of a new School of Management.

Surrey European Management School (SEMS)
Note that we have two management schools, each managing itself.
See above for the other one. Some people have expressed their concerns about this school, as recently reported in THES.
There's a Greek affiliate.

Students' Union
The Union is now running its own Ents web server. The move from their pages on the main Surrey webserver is recent (and ill-advised, if you ask me); the form below indexes the content on the main webserver.
Clubs and Societies
Surrey Services and Administration
Catering is online on the Portal Oracle server -- whatever that is. There's now the University bookshop, too. Can't wait for the hairdresser's to put up a website...

Student health centre lives on the main Surrey server.

Management Information Services (MIS)
They also run an campus-wide internal-only server.

Library and Information Services
They run the library catalogue and libweb.

Computing Services
was University Computing Services.

Chaplains and Religious Societies
It's just the Campus and Varsity sports centres... not on the university network.
Other servers
located somewhere on the University network.

One of a number of virtual webservers dedicated to projects. Another example is Satin. Since project lifetimes are finite and top-level vanity DNS registrations must be renewed, such names are unlikely to be permanent.
Silicon processing and manufacturing masters
bringing the Internet to the local Tesco's supermarket.

an indirect way of contacting an expert with a webpage at the University. Also local webpages whose domain registration won't expire.

Individuals' servers
Most students and staff have directories on departmental servers. Try looking at the guides to people in Elec Eng (listing does not reflect webserver contents well), in people in Maths & Computing, and so on.

operated by Frank Suffling.

operated by Thomas Krichel.
Surrey Research Park
Some of the companies here are affiliated with the University, but, oddly, many University companies have spent years squeezed onto campus, while the research park is rented out to others. The companies that are located on campus are listed above. The companies whose webservers are located on the campus network are listed below; BBC Southern Counties Radio is located on campus, but its webpages aren't. See also the Surrey Technology Centre, whose webpages are located on campus. Like the Research Park webpages, really. SETsquared provides local enterpreneur support.
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL)
Formerly a university-owned company, now located in the Surrey research park. And now DMC International Imaging is a subsidiary.
Southern Medical
Company not affiliated with the University as far as I know; webserver is on our network.

Advanced Showers
not affiliated with the University; the webserver merely used to be on the university network. Oh, the University is a customer.

You may be interested in knowing that the Departments of Electronic Engineering, Economics, Physics and Sociology provide the largest quantities of web information, while, at only one page until comparatively recently, the Department of Dance Studies provided the smallest.

Disclaimer of responsibility

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Having said all that, if there are problems you think I could fix, or improvements that could be made, send me a comment and let me know.

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