Lloyd's screensaver FAQ updates

My screensaver FAQ hasn't been updated since 1994, and many URLs are now dead. I suggest looking at my index to more screensaver information. The FAQ is unlikely to be updated in the near future - although technical details have changed, the general principles haven't.

Location changes

The info-mac directory info-mac/gui/ad no longer exists. And the info-mac/gui directory no longer holds screensaver-related material. Instead, everything has been consolidated under info-mac/app/ss - even the screensavers which aren't applications. Most locations given in the FAQ are now broken.

The ftp.att.com web pages no longer exist either, so I'm now storing the FAQ here.


The rtfm.mit.edu URL given in the introduction mistakenly capitalises macintosh.

There are now a lot more Apple web sites to give. www.support.apple.com is probably the most useful.

Apple monitor FAQ details the trinitron lines.

Extensions Manager is now bundled with 7.5. I still prefer Batista's original interface.

(8.1) CPU Energy Saver
Remove the 'MACH' resource, not the 'mach' resource, to get it to work on older Macs. This imposed limitation should have been rectified for the second 7.5 Update.

(8.2) Auto/Power On/Off
Version 1.1 is done, and fixes the Network Time conflict. It shipped with 7.6.

(9.1.1) Why isn't (the Monitor Energy Saver) system software?
Energy Star guidelines say that, from this October, equipment must default to energy-saving modes, and not just have them as an an option. I'd expect a version of the Monitor Energy Saver to be bundled with system software and installed as standard as a result.

Apple has released the Energy Saver 2.0 with the new PCI Macs. This rolls everything into one and is included in the 7.5 System Update 2.0, but it's not backwardly compatible, and the Update doesn't install the older Monitor Energy Saver on other Macs.

Still waiting.

(10.1) DarkSide of the Mac
Okey Dokey Pro 2.0.2 is now available from info-mac/gui.

Lloyd Wood (L.Wood@surrey.ac.uk)
19 August 1998