Lloyd Wood's IETF work - link arq issues draft

This work has now been published as IETF BCP62/RFC3366, August 2002.

Godred Fairhurst and Lloyd Wood, 'Advice to link designers on link Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ)', Request for Comments document in the Best Current Practices series, Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF BCP62/RFC3366, August 2002.

RFC3366 began as a link ARQ issues draft authored with Gorry Fairhurst as a result of discussion in the PILC working group. Slides were given to Phil Karn to present at the 49th IETF meeting, San Diego, December 2000, since Gorry and I were otherwise engaged in Scotland. Gorry discussed -01 at IETF 50 in Minneapolis in March 2001, and -02 at IETF 51 in London in August 2001, where it was hummed through working group last call. -04 of the draft was passed as Best Current Practices by the IESG in their meeting on 4 April 2002 and entered the RFC Editor's queue; the correct acknowledgement is to Gary Kenward.

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