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Comments on internet drafts are welcomed at L.Wood@society.surrey.ac.uk.
This is a personal archive of work in progress within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), so it's not really part of Lloyd's publications.

Currently active: Saratoga and related delay-tolerant networking drafts.

Here at present are a number of internet drafts, expired internet drafts, and slides from related talks. A summary reference list in text is available, as is a summary from Jari Arkko's authorstats. Published so far:

PWE3 working group
Stewart Bryant and Prayson Pate (ed.), Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Architecture, Request for Comments document, Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF RFC3985, March 2005 (140+ cites in Google Scholar).
Individual drafts discussing protocol layering and frame relay encapsulation were authored with Stewart 'RFC1211' Bryant. Stewart discussed these in the PWE3 meet at IETF 52, in Salt Lake City in December 2001, again in Minneapolis in March 2002 at IETF 53, in July 2002 at IETF 54, in November 2002 at IETF 55... The protocol layering draft led to the architecture RFC. Stewart went on to chair the PWE3 working group, to become routing area director and IESG member, and to liaise with the ITU and MPLS Forum.

PILC working group
Godred Fairhurst and Lloyd Wood, Advice to link designers on link Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ), Request for Comments document in the Best Current Practices series, Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF BCP62/RFC3366, August 2002 (140+ cites in Google Scholar). Gorry went on to chair the ipdvb and dccp working groups.
Phil Karn (ed.), Carsten Bormann, Gorry Fairhurst, Dan Grossman, Reiner Ludwig, Jamshid Mahdavi, Gabriel Montenegro, Joe Touch and Lloyd Wood, Advice for Internet subnetwork designers, Request for Comments document in the Best Current Practices series, Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF BCP89/RFC3819, July 2004 (100+ cites in Google Scholar).

My visible effects on the IETF document process are mere fading ripples still seen in the reflecting pool that is watersprings. Acknowledgements are listed separately. I've attended a number of IETF meets: IETF 51, nearby in London, IETF 69 in Chicago, to talk about Saratoga (and also ANCP), then IETF 71 in Philadelphia, 72 in Dublin, 73 in Minneapolis and 75 in Stockholm, for DTN-related work. Try this search for my individual drafts.

Armware's RFC index and x42's RFC index are also useful.
Follow IESG work on drafts with their draft tracker.

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