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Network performance of non-geostationary constellations
equipped with intersatellite links

Lloyd Wood

Thesis for Master of Science (MSc) in Satellite Communication Engineering, University of Surrey, November 1995.
Work completed as Rapport 95-9, ENST site de Toulouse (old site), France.
Discusses satellite constellations with intersatellite links. Introduces double surface coverage as double network coverage.

Attempts to develop a solid theoretical basis for the topology and performance of satellite network constellations such as Iridium and Teledesic.

An ideal, simplified, non-geostationary satellite constellation network, with varying numbers of intersatellite links on each satellite, is presented and analysed, using a minimum-path, circuit-switching approach.

Print errata: Figure 3.6 introduces an error in Pascal's triangle, which then cascades downwards.
(3+3)!/3!3! = 10+10 = 20...
Notes: Mathematicians call a torus that intersects itself a spindle torus.

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